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Brain Injury – The Invisible Disability

I just finished having breakfast with my cousin, Carla.  She and I were talking about concussions among professional football players and the new warning posters that will be going up in all of the players locker rooms.  We are seeing an increase of “bad behavior” among professional athletes, especially football players and it begs the question whether these men are suffering from repeated concussions.  The increase in violence, poor judgement, depression, substance abuse, and addiction may be a result of brain injury.  And, while it’s not an excuse there are some things to consider when consequences are being doled out for these men, screening, treatment, and education among them with a  goal of long tern recovery in the community for themselves and their families.  I’m sure there will be ongoing dialogue about this topic in the mainstream media which I am excited about as it has not been given enough attention to in the past.  When the people in question were “common every day” addicts and criminals the larger public paid little to no attention to brain injury, finding that the best consequence for their behavior to be punishment.  With the war in the Middle East and now the NFL, we are sure to have more research and programs available to the  millions of us who live in recovery from brain injury, often thought of as an invisible disability.

Thanks for listening.

Peace, Jan

4th Annual Conference on Women, Addiction & Recovery

I am thrilled to be going to Chicago tomorrow to participate in the 4th Annual Conference on Women, Addiction & Recovery.  I will be among some of the most amazing women in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, women whose books I read to inspire my work.   Now I will get to see them face to face, Lisa Najavits, Stephanie Covington, and Joan Borysenko.  Who would’ve ever thought I would be in such a position.  And to top it off, I am one of the speakers.  I’m co-presenting with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Jenny Bogner, from Ohio State University.  We’ll be talking about co-occurring brain injury and addiction.

Until next time…

Peace, Jan

Children and Youth

1 in 5 children live in addicted familiesNothing you have done has ever caused your mom or dad to drink too much or to use drugs. It’s not your fault! Call or email us today to see how you can join our programs—we’re saving a spot for you! (757) 564-0001 or jan@spiritworksfoundation.org

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