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People in Recovery at SpiritWorks Foundation, Williamsburg, VA. No one recovers from addiction alone!No one recovers from addiction alone!  Let SpiritWorks support, celebrate and nurture your return to health, freedom, and community. Addiction Recovery  is the journey from abstinence to full re-engagement with one’s self, family, friends, and community. Recovery begins the moment one surrenders to their addiction and accepts responsibility for their recovery.

A PIR (person in recovery) is anyone living with addiction:

  • the person with addiction,
  • a spouse,
  • a partner,
  • a child,
  • a friend,
  • a parent or
  • a community.

The Recovery Community is comprised of persons in recovery, their family members, significant others and friends, and all people who are dedicated to creating equal opportunities for the health and wellness of persons in recovery.

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