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1 in 5 children live in addicted familiesNothing you have done has ever caused your mom or dad to drink too much or to use drugs. It’s not your fault! Call or email us today to see how you can join our programs—we’re saving a spot for you! (757) 564-0001 or jan@spiritworksfoundation.org

Building Resilience, One Child at a Time

Our children’s programs are designed to help break the intergenerational cycle of addiction in families.The Children of Families at Risk (CFAR) program is a curriculum-based education program for children and youth grades 1-12 who are growing up in families with, or at risk for, alcoholism or other drug addictions. Courses are led by specially trained adult educators and requires group attendance and participation of the children and youth involved.

CFAR empowers children and youth to feel safe, to develop resiliency, and to be supported. Weekend intensive programs begin on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday afternoon.

Children of Alcoholics and Addicts: Information and Statistical Data

  • Research concludes that approximately one in four U.S.children are exposed at some time before age 18 to familial alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or both.
  • 19 million children live in alcoholic homes; 28.6 million children live in homes with alcohol and other drug dependency.
  • Roughly one in eight American adult drinkers is alcoholic or experiences problems due to the use of alcohol. The cost to society is estimated in excess of $166 billion each year.
  • Children of alcoholics and addicts are at greater risk for teen pregnancy, learning disorders, juvenile delinquency, school drop out, suicide, eating disorders, compulsive behavior and addiction.
  • The rate of total health care costs for children of alcoholics is 32% greater than children from non-alcoholic families.

  • Why should we care about these children?

  • They are our children – our future.
  • There are so many of them.
  • Their problems create widespread social disarray.
  • They often live in confusion, fear, and isolation.
  • They can be helped. Recovery from addiction is greater when the whole family is helped.

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