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Participate in the Process – Your Voice Counts


I just finished posting my thoughts and suggestions on the SAMHSA Stakeholder Feedback forum around it’s eight new strategic initiatives for 2011-2014.  What a great opportunity to provide feedback to the process and ensure that we have to say is at least recorded.  The online forum will be open through 5 pm this afternoon, Friday October 22, 2010 so if you haven’t taken the time to record your comments I encourage you to do so now.

It matters, because we need to participate in this process in order to have things change to better meet our needs and support our recovery.

I hope you do your part.

peace, Jan

Major Changes in the Historic Triangle


Imagine my surprise when I read the “WY Daily Morning News” this morning online as I was preparing to come to work.  The first item of interest was the one that talked about HTSAC closing its doors October  22, 2010 due to lack of funding.  The second was the increase in the number of liquor outlets from 6 to 19 in the Historic Triangle under the Governor’s plan.  More specifically the article states, “the biggest change in the Historic Triangle would be in James City County, where the number of liquor outlets would go from one to nine. In the City of Williamsburg and York County, outlets would double. Williamsburg would go from one to two; York would increase from four to eight.”

What a frightening thought, the organization that was started 11 years ago to address and support the needs of this community in terms of prevention, treatment and recovery of substance abuse will no longer be here because our community did not support it.  And, instead our community will be looking to increase the number of outlets and sales of the major contributor to the substance abuse problems we have.

I am terribly saddened by the loss mostly because of the recovery housing program (transitional housing program) that has made a tremendous positive impact on the lives of many men who participated in the program.  We have seen families restored, crime reduced, restitution made, education received, parole and probation status changed, and jobs secured as a direct result of participation in the program.  The closure of HTSAC will bring an end to the program and translate to a significant loss to these individuals lives and to the community as a whole.

I am grateful to the Coalition for the support we have received at SpiritWorks, for helping us to make a positive difference in the lives of families affected by the disease of addiction, especially the children and youth.  With the example you set for us, we will continue our efforts to make the Historic Triangle a safe and healthy community free of substance abuse.



Giving Hope and Help: A Small Gift + $10


We’ve got a wonderful opportunity to further our mission at SpiritWorks and increase the power of your donation.  For the next 10 days, beginning today, October 10, 2010, JustGive, our partner in online charitable giving, will be adding $10 to every donation made for the following 10 days.  Since the inception of SpiritWorks Foundation we have received $835 through JustGive and their partners.  As JustGive is celebrating 10 years of online giving, they are once again offering SpiritWorks the opportunity to”give hope and help to many in need”.

Please follow the link below, www.justgive.org/10years, to make your donation.  Each single donation from each donor will qualify for the additional $10 from JustGive.  Donations as small as $10 are accepted, donations as large as you wish are welcome.

Thank you for your support.

Peace, Jan

It Really Weighs 4.5 Pounds!


I just got my copy of “The Book that Started It All”, the AA original manuscript, and much to my surprise it really does weigh 4 1/2 pounds.  I haven’t gotten into it  myself rather leaving it at the Center for others to take a look at and comment about.  So far the reviews have been very positive for the most part.  One gentleman who was at the Center yesterday commented that he really likes the way it is written because it is more “personal” and “goes deeper” in his opinion.  Despite it’s cost, he says he has an interest in buying one for his “sponsor” and his fiancee both of whom are members of 12 step fellowships.

The other primary comments are really about how large the book is more so than anything about the contents.  Part of my plan this weekend is to take a look inside at least at a couple of the chapters to begin my consideration of it.

I’ll let you know once I’ve begun the process.

Peace, Jan