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“Only Virginia and Kentucky permanently disenfranchise all felons upon conviction…”


I just returned from a workshop put on by the Williamsburg Chapter of the Virginia Organizing on the Restoration of Voting Rights in Virginia.  It was a very informative and uplifting program describing the issue, the process it entails to restore one’s rights and what we can do about it.  The group present was very interested in the issue and eager to do something about it.

I am hopeful that a wonderful partnership will develop between Virginia Organizing and SpiritWorks.  They are looking to help ex offenders have their rights restored and we work with plenty of people that could use their help.

We are hoping to begin working together in January 2011.  Stay tuned to see what is in store.  I am confident that together we can make change to the more than 300,000 disenfranchised Virginians.

Until next time,

Peace, Jan

LiteracyWorks – Official Start to the Program


This afternoon marks the official start of our newest project, LiteracyWorks.  LiteracyWorks is a pilot program designed to enhance personal health and the quality of life for individuals in recovery in the greater Williamsburg community by providing basic health education and literacy services for those who need help in achieving self-sufficiency.  Our current partners include the Rita Welsh Literacy for Life program, Hickory Neck Episcopal Church, and the Department of Corrections District 34.

So far 5 adult learners have made the commitment to develop their literacy and or earn their GED through the program.  It is very exciting to watch these men and women take responsibility for their health and wellness in a powerful way.  For many people a lack of education is a barrier to getting a job or being able to participate fully in society.  The LiteracyWorks project will remove that barrier for all who are participating.  We are grateful to our partners for their support of the program.

I will keep you posted on how it goes and hopefully from time to time be able to feature a quote or testimonial from one of the participants.

Until next time,

peace, Jan