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got recovery? Why?


I am on my way from Las Vegas, having attended a conference entitled the “Power of Y”.  All through the weekend event many men and women took the stage and talked about their particular why for doing the business they were in.  They talked of family and children, of making a positive difference in the lives of others, of financial freedom, and of time freedom, to name a few. No one talked of  not wanting to die, going to jail or prison, because the courts sent me, because I have to, or because I got a dui.

As I sat and reflected on my personal why, I became very frustrated, at times even sad because I could not come up with a compelling reason for doing the things I do, other than the one that I started with, “not wanting to die”.  I also heard time and time again that “my why has changed since I started” which was a fascinating and exciting possibility.  Two and a half days later, I leave that conference with a strong and compelling why for my life, to end addiction for the next generation.

All of this conversation led me to believe that in order to be successful in the business of sustaining long term recovery we too require a compelling why.  And, that the why to begin with will change once we set out on and continue along our recovery journey.   At some point we do make a decision that we want what is offered and  are willing to go to any length to get it.  Then and only then do we take the next steps.

I am grateful that I’ve got recovery and today I know why.  What about you?  got recovery? and, if so “Why“?

Peace, Jan

An Exciting Partnership


After three years in our building on Mooretown Rd we are pleased to announce our expansion. We are in the process of building the village. So far we have our Recovery Center located at 5800 Mooretown Rd. We are poised to officially open “The Studio”, next Friday February 18th and from there in a few short weeks we will open “The Annex”. The Annex, also located on Mooretown Rd is a 1000 square foot multipurpose center which will feature an art studio as well as house our Children and Youth Programs.

We are pleased to be working with Drew DeBlass of Williamsburg Home Painting, LLC. who will oversee the buildout of the new space. This partnership with Drew is part of a vision we shared over William and Mary Football, to offer SpiritWorks disenfranchised the opportunity to put their work skills to use while doing some good in the community.  Now we will be doing just that, offering work force development and training opportunities to several of our clients who will be involved in the building project. I am thrilled about the process as well as the project.  I will keep you posted as we move forward.  Stay tuned, I will upload some before and after pictures.

Until next time,

Peace, Jan