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The Military Family and Addictions: Understanding and Counseling within the Context of the Military Culture


I am just back from a morning presentation as part of the Farley Center Professional Series.  I had the privilege of working with Mark Mortier from Beacon Counseling/Genesis Counseling Centers.  We had a lively conversation about the culture of military families, particularly from the children and youth perspective in these families as they are often not included in the programs and services offered. I appreciate the level of participation and the questions that were generated by members of the audience.  I hope that we were able to address all of the questions that arose in a manner that was helpful.  And, if not that people will take advantage of SpiritWorks and myself as potential additional resources.

Being able to talk about the military experience was especially helpful for me as it was such a huge part of my personal experience growing up and remains so as I have a brother who is the United States Army.  Additionally, the opportunity to talk about brain injury and addiction proved not only useful to the audience, it was also helpful and reminded me of the importance and power of stories.

I am providing the link to the MilitaryFamiliesDeployReunion6011 for those who are looking for the resource section that was referred to in the presentation.

Until next time,

Peace, Jan



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Jan M. Brown is an advocate and champion for wellness and choice around living in recovery. Jan has lived in recovery from addiction since 1987. Jan’s vocation is as a consultant coach. Her areas of expertise are in addiction recovery and brain injury recovery. She serves in the role of recovery management and success coach for people throughout the country. In addition, Jan serves as founding and executive director for SpiritWorks Foundation Center for Recovery of the Soul, the Center for Addiction Recovery & Wellness.