SpiritWorks Foundation

Center for Recovery of the Soul


Jan M. Brown, executive director, SpiritWorks Foundation, Williamsburg, VA Jan M. Brown is an advocate and champion for wellness and choice around living in recovery. Jan has lived in recovery from addiction since 1987. Jan’s vocation is as a consultant coach. Her areas of expertise are in addiction recovery and brain injury recovery. She serves in the role of recovery management and success coach for people throughout the country. In addition, Jan serves as founding and executive director for SpiritWorks Foundation Center for Recovery of the Soul, the Center for Addiction Recovery & Wellness.

Jan is a noted national speaker on brain injury and addiction recovery. She is a committee member for various community, regional, and national organizations; a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); a member of the ICF Special Interest Group on Recovery; a participant in Recovery Coaching forums and e-communities; and past president of Recovery Coaches International. Jan earned a B.A. in Psychology from the College of William and Mary in 1996. She received her Associate Coach Credentialing with the International Coaching Federation in January 2009 and achieved certification as a Professional Recovery Coach through Crossroads Coaching in 2008.


Lauren McDonald is the Director of Community Programming at SpiritWorks Foundation. Lauren has been a friend and volunteer of SpiritWorks since 2008 and began employment in January 2012. She has been living in recovery since February 2011. Lauren is an Episcopal priest with a passion for healing and spiritual practices. At SpiritWorks she will oversee volunteer management, faith community education and training, and recovery ministry.

Lauren received a B.A. in Speech and Theatre Arts from The University of the South in 1991 and a M.Div. from Seabury Western in 2008.

DSCN0004_2 Mike Oehmann is a retired teacher of English and Acting, a director of over fifty plays, and a story writer and poet.  He currently  works full time as a volunteer at SpiritWorks Foundation: Center for Recovery of the Soul.  He is the proud father of two sons, and he lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.