SpiritWorks Foundation

Center for Recovery of the Soul

What We Believe

  • People in recovery constitute a healing force.
  • People in recovery carry a message of hope.
  • People in recovery are living proof of the liberating, transforming power of recovery.
  • Recovery is a vehicle for liberation, visibility/voice and service.
  • Addiction is a no-fault illness.
  • To achieve recovery each addicted individual must find sense, meaning and life-transforming ideas that end the rituals of drug use.
  • Allegiance to a higher calling guides people in recovery and sustains them in the face of temptations, barriers and challenges to their character.
  • People in recovery make contributions because of the strength and depth of meaning and purpose they have discovered within their recovery process.
  • SpiritWorks Foundation invites our clients to explore the larger meaning and purpose within their survival (addiction) and recovery experiences.
  • SpiritWorks believes in the partnership model.
  • SpiritWorks Foundation believes that there are many pathways to recovery.

I am because we are and we are because I am.—African proverb