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First Fridays Sermons

Hi Everyone,

Two more Recovery Service sermons for you:

4-5-13 – Recovery is Practicing Resurrection: 4-5-13 Miracles Easter

5-3-13  – Wade in the Water:  5-3-13 Wade in the water

Prodigal Son – First Fridays Sermon 3-1-13

Hi Everyone!

Here is the link to the sermon from the March Recovery Service by Lauren McDonald:  3-1-13 – Prodigal Son

Renewing the Blog

Hi Everyone,

This is Lauren McDonald, the Director of Community Programming here at SpiritWorks.  We are renewing our blog, and so I will be coming to you from time to time with posts about news and events from SpiritWorks.  This is also where we will be posting sermons from our First Fridays services.  These posts will be appearing in the section A Community Conversation.

Looking forward to our ongoing conversation!



National Wellness Week



Join us as we celebrate National Wellness Week!  This first ever National Wellness Week takes place from September 19-25, 2011.  Launched by SAMHSA as part of National Recovery Month, the goal is “to inspire individuals and organizations to get involved and take one step for wellness”.  This year’s theme is “Living Wellness”.

At SpiritWorks we have used this week to begin a new initiative, “The 10,000 Club”, and launch our new Wellness Compass:  Achieving Wellness Through Positive Self Care.  We are excited to be one of the premier organizations in the country helping individuals improve their health and wellness.  The 10,000 Club is an initiative designed to get people to move more.  We have distributed a limited amount of pedometers and are encouraging people to take 10,000 steps per day. We hope to expand the distribution of pedometers with additional funding and get more people moving.

The Wellness Compass designed and produced by SpiritWorks Foundation takes the dimensions of wellness and incorporates goals, values, and time management principles to help individuals get and stay well.  It is an expansion of the SpiritWorks Foundation Recovery Compass as it includes 2 additional dimension, Vocational and Financial.

We are thrilled to be rolling out these two new Center offerings and hope you will join us and benefit from their use.

Please contact me with any questions or if you need more information.


Until next time…

Peace, Jan


Lost in Woonsocket



SpiritWorks Foundation joins The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place in sponsoring, Lost in Woonsocket.  The film is about two alcoholics who are missing for years and discovered living together in the back woods of Woonsocket R.I.  Through a series of events the two are able to reunite with their families, go to treatment, experience recovery and achieve redemption. See what’s next for them and others like them following the screening of the film.  A Q & A Panel Discussion follows which includes professionals and members of the recovery community.  Tickets are available at the door for a cost of $10.00.  The screening takes place on Friday, October 14, 2011 at the Williamsburg Regional Library at 6 pm.

I hope to see you there.

Until next time…

peace, Jan


Alumni Woonsocket flyer-2pr rev-1





A Busy Summer


Many of you might ask, “where did it go?” .  Yes summer is over my friends and it’s time again to slow down and settle in for fall and winter.  We have had a great summer here.  We are coming off of our annual SpiritWorks Summer Camp which was a tremendous success.  And, a fabulous pre hurricane Irene 5K race, the Recovery Rocks Race.  I am grateful to all who participated in both events.  I am even more grateful to those who helped and supported those events.  We could not have done it without you.

We have also been busy creating trainings, welcoming our new employee Tim, putting final touches on the Barn and preparing new programs.  Fall will be an exciting Fall for us as well.  I hope that you will find a way to connect with us by either stopping by, sending an email, giving us a call or posting a comment on my blog.

Until next time,

peace, Jan

The Military Family and Addictions: Understanding and Counseling within the Context of the Military Culture


I am just back from a morning presentation as part of the Farley Center Professional Series.  I had the privilege of working with Mark Mortier from Beacon Counseling/Genesis Counseling Centers.  We had a lively conversation about the culture of military families, particularly from the children and youth perspective in these families as they are often not included in the programs and services offered. I appreciate the level of participation and the questions that were generated by members of the audience.  I hope that we were able to address all of the questions that arose in a manner that was helpful.  And, if not that people will take advantage of SpiritWorks and myself as potential additional resources.

Being able to talk about the military experience was especially helpful for me as it was such a huge part of my personal experience growing up and remains so as I have a brother who is the United States Army.  Additionally, the opportunity to talk about brain injury and addiction proved not only useful to the audience, it was also helpful and reminded me of the importance and power of stories.

I am providing the link to the MilitaryFamiliesDeployReunion6011 for those who are looking for the resource section that was referred to in the presentation.

Until next time,

Peace, Jan



SpiritWorks Summer Camp


With summer just beginning we are getting excited about this year’s summer camp. If you are looking to register a child for the camp please do so sooner than later as we are hoping to fill up quickly. And, stay tuned to our Website and my blog because we are going to be expanding this year’s program and introducing some new activities. The dates for this year’s camp are August 15 – 19th.

The link to the Children and Youth page with information about the Summer Camp is http://www.spiritworksfoundation.org/programs-and-services/children-and-youth.

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact me at the Center at (757) 564-0001 or use my email address, jan@spiritworksfoundation.org









Until next time,

Peace, Jan

Welcome to my Blog!

I will be posting to my blog concerning the music program and any information concerning future releases.  Stay tuned in June for the Grand Opening of the Store where you will find music available for purchase and download of sample tracks.

I want to thank everyone for their support.  Realize please that this is not a one sided conversation.  I want to hear from you!

SpiritWorks Studio-Mixer

Tim's favorite toy

Peace, Tim

The Barn -Update



It is indeed an exciting time at SpiritWorks.  Work continues on the Barn as it is being transformed right before my very eyes.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to stop by and see what things look like now versus when we first started the project.  And, while things have taken a bit longer once I got to see what was on the inside of the walls I am reminded that it’s important to do the right thing, even when it takes more time.  Much like what we learn with our personal recovery there is no easier softer way.

Take a look for yourself…







Until next time

Peace, Jan