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Community Calendar:

SpiritWorks Foundation offers a variety of recovery-focused events and activities free for the community. Our activities range from blank to blank to blank. 

SpiritWorks Video Channel 

SpiritWorks Foundation Video Channel aims to educate individuals about cutting-edge recovery research and initiatives from the privacy of their own homes.  


I love being part of the SpiritWorks community, being able to come hang out at the Center, and being able to improve myself.
— Andrew G.
SpiritWorks has given me hope that recovery is possible. With love, support, and a Higher Power, anything is possible!
— Nicole P.
Today I am clean and sober. Life now holds hope for me as more and more doors open.
SpiritWorks Foundation offered a safe place where I can grow in knowledge of the world and in knowledge of myself.
I once was lost, but now I’m found. Thank you for helping me to find my way.
— Loretta B.

Why Give to SpiritWorks?

Your donation to to SpiritWorks will leverage significant outcomes. Consider, for example, that up to 85% of incarcerated individuals have problems directly associated with drugs or alcohol abuse or committed crimes associated with alcohol and other drugs. It costs $35,000 or more to incarcerate someone for one year with no recovery services. For a fraction of that expenditure, SpiritWorks is currently providing recovery support services to more than 25 ex-offenders who have not returned to jail or prison...