Recovery Coaching at SpiritWorks Foundation

Recovery Coaching fills a great need for people in the recovery process, those who direct much of their energy towards successfully managing their sobriety but do not necessarily have the great lives that they could. Many traditional recovery and treatment programs give people in recovery important structure to overcome their problem behavior but frequently have the approach of brokenness and the need for “fixing.”

Recovery Coaching affirms the innate health and wellness in each of its clients. Recovery coaches use a strength-based approach so that clients find and utilize their strengths while being coached to success. Recovery Coaching addresses the specific life needs of people with substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors.

Recovery Coaches:

  •   use coaching techniques to build readiness for change, enhance change talk, and increase confidence, motivation and commitment to change.
  • use tools to recognize and manage ambivalence as a natural part of change.
  • help clarify goals, create a change plan and develop coping strategies.
  • effectively support individuals in recovery who are stuck or experiencing recycling or relapse.
  •  hold the belief that people who are clear about their life goals and values are better able to achieve and maintain a great life, healthy living and long-term recovery.
  • help people in recovery succeed through normal effort, the foundation of which is the development of a healthy lifestyle and balanced living.

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