recovery supports:

Recovery Management

Through positive self-care, individuals can discover purpose and meaning, take into account their unique life story and major life themes, tasks and lessons thereby allowing the individual to continue in personal transformation; gain a more conscious understanding of life, and develop a sense of harmony and balance for the individual. Recovery Management support services offered at SpiritWorks Foundation includes: 

  • Wellness Compass Program
  • What Matters Most
  • Recovery Planning
  • Telephone Recovery Support
  • Women's Support Group
  • Discovery Groups for Women
  • Mindfulness-based Archery

Wellness Compass Program

SpiritWorks Foundation Wellness Compass is a tool that promotes wellness through positive self-care. The purpose of the Wellness Compass is to help you create and maintain wellness and to support your efforts to reach your goals. The Wellness Compass includes the eight dimensions of wellness. They are Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, and Occupational. Learn more...


Telephone Recovery Support

SpiritWorks Foundation provides Telephone Recovery Support (TRS), an innovative peer-to-peer recovery support service. TRS is an additional recovery support to individuals who discharge from residential treatment programs, including jail programs, or who are clients in active outpatient treatment. TRS offers weekly telephone calls to people in recovery to “check in” and see how they’re doing. 

Recoverees are given support and encouragement as well as information about community resources, all recovery, 12-step meetings or other supports that may help them maintain their recovery.  TRS helps reduce relapse and enhances the recovery experience for recoverees as well as the volunteer making the calls. Learn more...


Discovery Groups for Women

Groups include women of every race, religion, ideology and sexual preference who seek to commune with other women to expand their definition of Self, to heal from addiction, abuse, racism, sexism, to become more whole, and to develop a passion for all of life.  The groups use the healing concepts developed by Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D., as outlined in her book Many Roads, One Journey. Dr. Kasl examines self-esteem, addiction and co-dependency in the context of internalized oppression. Her model is designed to empower women to find their own voices, sources of strength and spirituality. The only requirement for membership is that you be a woman. 



What Matters Most

What Matters Most is a goal setting process that enables participants to determine their individual goals based on their core values.  The process includes value clarification, prioritizing needs and wants, and setting the direction for individuals to live on purpose.


Recovery Planning

The purpose of Recovery Planning is to develop and incorporate wellness tools into a personal management and recovery system. Recovery Planning is designed to decrease and prevent relapse, increase personal empowerment, improve quality of life, assist people in achieving their goals and dreams. 

SpiritWorks assists individuals in developing their personal Recovery Plans.  The plan consists of two parts. 

Part 1:

  • Action plans
  • Development of daily maintenance plan
  • Relapse plan

Part 2:

  •  Health, recovery, and wellness factors and definitions
  • SMART and IMPACT goal planning
  •   Gratitude in Action


Mindfulness-based Archery

This program is designed to help individuals improve their ability to be present in the moment through archery, and learn how mindfulness plays a key role in recovery. We are certified in Level 1 USA Archery and teach about technique and how to have fun in recovery

Women's Support Groups

This is a coaching support group which focuses on goal setting and accountability while providing weekly check-ins and a safe environment for women in recovery to connect with one another.