recovery supports:

Youth Programs

The Center for Spiritual Recovery is for those who want God to be part of their recovery.  The Center offers retreats as well as individual and group guidance and direction for those seeking to deepen their commitment to spiritual renewal and spiritual recovery.  The Center activities include: 

  • Youth Ambassador Program
  • Drums Over Drugs - Recovery Rhythm Corps
  • Youth Summer Camp
  • Children's Recovery Program

Youth Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador Program is for youth ages 13 – 18 with an interest in developing leadership and life skills that will assist to break the intergenerational cycle of addiction. After completing the CFAR program, Youth Ambassadors join a peer-to-peer group that utilizes hands-on activities. These activities are designed to improve communication, teach stress management skills, increase self-esteem, build resilience and foster community service.


Youth Summer Camp

The purpose of the SpiritWorks Foundation Youth Camp is to provide youth (ages 9—13)whose lives have been touched by addiction with the opportunity to feel safe, feel supported, and develop life skills that promote resiliency while in the camp environment. This five-day overnight camp is filled with fun, friends, leadership, learning, swimming, and campfires.







Drums Over Drugs -Recovery Rhythm Corps 

Drums over Drugs is a youth prevention program. This program is for middle school students and uses djembe drums and percussion instruments to teach self-expression, stress release, and resilience. 


Children’s Recovery Program

The Children of Families at Risk program is a curriculum based education program for children and youth grades 1-12 growing up in families with, or at risk for, alcoholism or other drug addictions. Courses are led by specially trained adult educators and require group attendance and participation of the children and youth involved. CFAR empowers children and youth to feel safe, to develop resiliency, and to be supported.