Our Mission

SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul is a Recovery Community Organization based in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We are comprised of, and led primarily by, people who live in recovery from addiction. We deliver peer to peer programs and services for children, youth, and adults living in recovery from the disease of addiction.  Our programs and services build resilience in children, inspire youth to live drug free, and support, educate and empower adults who live in recovery.  


  • People in recovery constitute a healing force.

  • People in recovery carry a message of hope.

  • People in recovery are living proof of the liberating, transforming power of recovery.

  • Recovery is a vehicle for liberation, visibility/voice and service.

  • Addiction is a no-fault illness.

  • To achieve recovery each addicted individual must find sense, meaning and life-transforming ideas that end the rituals of drug use.

  • Allegiance to a higher calling guides people in recovery and sustains them in the face of temptations, barriers and challenges to their character. View our full mission statement...


Our Recovery Community center provides a variety of programs and services for children, youth, and adults affected by drug and alcohol addiction. We believe recovery to be a self-defined process with many possible pathways to achieving the improved quality of life and well-being that comes with recovery. 

Wellness Compass Program

 SpiritWorks Foundation Wellness Compass is a tool that promotes wellness through positive self-care. The purpose of the Wellness Compass is to help you create and maintain wellness, and support your efforts to reach your goals.  The Recovery Compass Program involves a specific planning process and ongoing management program that allows clients to develop and incorporate wellness strategies into their personal recovery plan.

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News & Updates

Community Calendar:

SpiritWorks Foundation offers a variety of recovery-focused events and activities free for the community. Our activities range from blank to blank to blank. 

SpiritWorks Video Channel 

SpiritWorks Foundation Video Channel aims to educate individuals about cutting-edge recovery research and initiatives from the privacy of their own homes.  



SpiritWorks has given me hope that recovery is possible. With love, support, and a Higher Power, anything is possible!
— Nicole P.
I love being part of the SpiritWorks community, being able to come hang out at the Center, and being able to improve myself.
— Andrew G.
Today I am clean and sober. Life now holds hope for me as more and more doors open.
SpiritWorks Foundation offered a safe place where I can grow in knowledge of the world and in knowledge of myself.
I once was lost, but now I’m found. Thank you for helping me to find my way.
— Loretta B.
SpiritWorks is a safe place where I come to be around people in recovery, like myself. I find comfort and support here. I’m very grateful for all the resources they provide.
— Ryan W.
SpiritWorks saved my life by providing me the tools to deal with my son’s heroin addiction. I will always be grateful for the impact that SpiritWorks has on my entire family.
— Lynn S.

Why Give to SpiritWorks?

Your donation to to SpiritWorks will leverage significant outcomes. Consider, for example, that up to 85% of incarcerated individuals have problems directly associated with drugs or alcohol abuse or committed crimes associated with alcohol and other drugs. It costs $35,000 or more to incarcerate someone for one year with no recovery services. For a fraction of that expenditure, SpiritWorks is currently providing recovery support services to more than 25 ex-offenders who have not returned to jail or prison...