SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) based in Williamsburg, VA. Founded in 2005, we are pioneers in a growing field of peer led addiction recovery and wellness organizations.  SpiritWorks Foundation is comprised of, and led primarily by, people who live in recovery from addiction. We deliver peer to peer programs and services for children, youth, and adults living in recovery from the disease of addiction. Our programs and services build resilience in children, inspire youth to live drug free, and support, educate and empower adults who live in recovery.


“If you have found recovery, consider giving the community your story as an instrument of hope and healing. If you have been blessed by resources that helped you find and sustain recovery, then join the fight to expand resources for those still suffering.”




  • People in recovery constitute a healing force.

  •  People in recovery carry a message of hope.

  •  People in recovery are living proof of the liberating, transforming power of recovery.

  • Recovery is a vehicle for liberation, visibility/voice and service.

  • Addiction is a no-fault illness.

  • To achieve recovery each addicted individual must find sense, meaning and life-transforming ideas that end the rituals of drug use.

  • Allegiance to a higher calling guides people in recovery and sustains them in the face of temptations, barriers and challenges to their character.

  • People in recovery make contributions because of the strength and depth of meaning and purpose they have discovered within their recovery process.

  • SpiritWorks Foundation invites our clients to explore the larger meaning and purpose within their survival (addiction) and recovery experiences.

  • SpiritWorks believes in the partnership model.

  • SpiritWorks Foundation believes that there are many pathways to recovery.


SpiritWorks is a safe place where I come to be around people in recovery, like myself. I find comfort and support here. I’m very grateful for all the resources they provide.




  • We are the people we serve.

  •  We believe that addiction is a chronic public health crisis affecting individuals, families, and communities.

  • Recovery is about readiness. SpiritWorks meets people where they are, following their agenda. Outcomes are based on the person in recovery’s goals and desires.

  • Having met the individuals where they are at the beginning of their recovery journeys, we establish relationships of trust, wherein whole health can be obtained and sustained.

  • Our coaching method extends the professional coaching relationship to those in, or considering, recovery from addiction.

  • We are building sustainability into our operating model. Our goal over time is to depend less on grants and donations, more on social entrepreneurship. Our recovery model works and is sought after by recovery centers worldwide. We want to see a SpiritWorks in every community and will license our training materials and provide ongoing training to make recovery a reality in your community.